Monday, February 6, 2012

January is "Office Month"!

I have been looking for a plan to get all those chores done that need to be done, but not that often. You know, like dusting blinds, vacuuming the car, decluttering clothes in my closet. I combined several plans I had seen online to create one that worked for me. I set aside a theme for each month of the year and started plugging these types of chores into each month, wherever they fit best. My goal is to spend 15 minutes a day on the list, 5 days a week, so I put about 20 items into each month. Hopefully, this will motivate me be better about deep cleaning, de-cluttering and other miscellaneous chores! I am going to post my list each month. Maybe this will help someone else. 

January is "Office Month"
  • Gather tax documents
  • Put together & mail tax documents to accountant
  • Delete/organize emails
  • Backup computer files onto external hard drive (pictures!)
  • Defragment computer, delete cookies & temporary internet files
  • Update virus software
  • Uninstall computer programs you no longer use
  • Clean computers
  • Go through & purge old files (actual paper files)
  • Organize files
  • Go through paper piles
  • Revise budget
  • Revise or add giving to the budget
  • Restock birthday cards into planner. Add birthdays to calendar.
(organizing & cleaning the actual office will come later.)

Up next in February... the car!

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