Friday, December 28, 2012

November- Holiday Planning!

I am putting together a deep cleaning list for each month of the year, stuff that doesn't need doing that often, with different area of focus each month. I try to spend 15 minutes a day on the list (or one item per day). Hope this helps someone!

My goal this year was to be mostly done with Christmas planning by December 1 so I could enjoy the holidays instead of stressing. Guess what? I mostly did accomplish it, and it was SO nice! Everyone's holidays are different, and I know there is no way, logistically, some of you would be able to do that. I didn't host guests, don't do many Christmas cards, don't do fancy parties, or make a lot of homemade gifts, etc. Since each planning list would look SO different, I am not going to post mine for you to laugh at! haha. I am going to direct you to several great plans. Choose one, and go for it! But I would encourage you to do one thing. Start now!!

Organized Home's "Christmas Countdown".
This 6-week plan started on Oct. 21st this year and ends Dec. 1st.
 Go HERE for your daily missions.

Sheri Graham's "12 Week Holiday Planner For The Christian Family"  
It costs $12.95 but it's really cute, I don't think that's overpriced, and for just $15.95 you can get a great set of 5 ebooks including the 12w Holiday Planner and editable PDF forms for it!)

FlyLady's "Holiday Control Journal" It starts December 1st!

Here is another one that looked pretty simple.

If you are looking to add more variety to your preferred Christmas planner's prescribed printables, consider looking at the free printables from the other planners and various places on the web. I recently found some nice basic printable sheets for Christmas planners/binders HERE.
If I missed the planner YOU use, let me know the link and I'll edit it in! 

What to do in December? Catch up on anything you missed, and enjoy your family! There won't be a December "to do" list. :) 

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