Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August- Planning Month!

I am putting together a deep cleaning list for each month of the year, stuff that doesn't need doing that often, with different area of focus each month. I try to spend 15 minutes a day on the list (or one item per day). Hope this helps someone!

With the coming of the new school year, I have made August "planning month". I am planning, at this point, on home schooling, so that will take a large chunk of the time, but you can use most of these even if you don't.

  • School planning- 1 week
  • Go over personal goals, revise, write down new ones
  • Buy a new planner
  • Fill in new planner
  • Update "to buy" or wish lists
  • Revamp schedule according to goals & new needs- 2 days
  • Clear out home management binder
  • Add new needed items to home management binder
  • Make list of books to read
  • Make list of projects to do
What other planning items would you add?

Next up... let the decluttering begin!

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